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Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue Chief
Tom Gerencer

(616) 604-6322

The Grand Haven Charter Township Fire/Rescue department is a full service department that has 7 full time and 23 part time staff. The department provides a crew of 2 highly skilled staff around the clock that has an average response time of just 3 minutes and 10 seconds to all emergencies (2013 the department responded to 1020 emergency calls) You can review our call stats here.

Grand Haven Charter Township operates a combination FIRE and RESCUE department.

The firefighter/paramedics leave the fire station within 30 seconds from the time that you call 911. Grand Haven Township is 1 of only 3 departments in Ottawa County that staff their fire station at all times. Administration believes that staffing the station is the most important factor when it comes to saving lives and property.

Grand Haven Charter Township Fire Rescue is the only department in West Michigan to operate with an Advanced Life Support license (Paramedics). This advantage allows the Fire/Rescue department to provide advanced airways, life saving medications, and state- of- the art cardiac monitoring.

In August of 2014 the Township Board will be seeking approval for a 1.9 property tax millage that will raise about $1.2 million annually for Fire/Rescue department operations and a capital replacement plan. The millage will replace a 1.5 property tax millage that expired on December 31st of 2013.

Since 1985 (or almost thirty years), Grand Haven Township has operated on a 1.5 millage rate. During this same period, the Township’s population has increased by about 84% and the number of emergency runs has increased by about 794% annually.

However, a more serious issue occurred as a result of the so-called “Great Recession.” In brief, property values fell. The property tax monies collected on behalf of the Fire/Rescue Department for 2014 are actually less than what was collected in 2008. On top of that, because of inflation, these monies used to operate the Fire/Rescue Department are worth about 9% less today than in 2008.

About $1.1 million of the monies collected will fund the day-to-day operations of the department, while the remaining $100,000 of the monies collected each year will be set aside for future capital equipment purchases, such as the replacement of a fire truck or rescue vehicle.

The Fire/Rescue department’s level of emergency medical care is higher than that of other fire departments within Western Michigan because of Advanced Life Support (ALS) given by the Paramedics responding to every call. The department’s 47% cardiac arrest save rate that has occurred over the last 5 years (with the national average of cardiac arrest saves being under 3%) is a result of the highly effective ALS care. The unusually high save rate in the community is made possible in part by, the quick response times, advanced new equipment, and dedicated training of the Paramedics and EMT’s of Grand Haven Township Fire/Rescue.

The department has also had an extremely high fire suppression rate as well. Having staff at the station 24/7 allows the fire truck to leave the station within 30 seconds of the call, allowing the firefighters to extinguish the fire at an early stage before devastating loss can occur.

The high level of training and advanced equipment has also allowed the department to provide services to entrapped traffic accident patients. Many of the citizens are alive today because of both the quick and aggressive extrication techniques (i.e. Jaws of Life) and the highest level of medical care that is available in the pre-hospital setting.

The staff at Grand Haven Township Fire/Rescue believes that these exceptional results speak for themselves.

The department’s apparatus includes one Paramedic/Rescue Truck one Medical First Responder Truck, a seventy five foot Quint, a Paramedic/Engine, one Tanker, and one Brush Truck.


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